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We Shall See I - Lockdown

We Shall See I - Lockdown

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The first issue of We Shall See captures the effects of the 2020 lockdown through the lenses of photographers Jason Little, Mark Arrigo, and Aino Väänänen. We explore the realities and eerie quiet of a world on pause, from Little's portrayal of an empty New York city to Arrigo's still life compositions and Väänänen's winter expedition through Covid-stricken Northern Scandinavia. Accompanying texts by Max Wahlström, Nick Hagan and Mikko Väänänen.

“Don't we see it in the sense of the everyday that permeates her work, quietly contradicting the allure of a more extreme reading? Carefully gritted roads. Neon lights of convenience. A bus stop; bins; signage.

Our fantasies of Scandi-noir bleakness demand satisfaction.”

Nick Hagan

“We Shall See — a photo zine by Aino Väänänen — is a restrained, disquieting response to the strange days of the pandemic. It creates an atmosphere — a mood, a sense of stasis in liminal spaces. There is a kind of beauty in the desolate images of northernmost, empty urban edges; an unwavering consideration, but little comfort. ”

Sophie Balhetchet


21 x 29.7 cm
44 pages
100 copies
Printed on 200 gsm silk paper
Distributed worldwide


Jason Little
Mark Arrigo
Aino Väänänen
Nick Hagan
Max Wahlström
Mikko Väänänen